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  • Do you want to protect your child from dreaded diseases but have serious doubts about the necessity, safety, and efficacy of vaccines?
  • Do you want to know which vaccinations are best for your child and when and how is the safest way to schedule them?
  • What are the current vaccination issues and how do you go about making the right decisions for your child?

Jay Gordon MD, FAAP, IBCLC, FABM – Author and nationally recognized pediatrician addresses these frequently asked questions. In the form of an intimate consultation between parents and pediatrician, this program presents a thorough analysis of all points of view focused on the necessity, safety and efficacy of vaccines.

This 105 minute multi-chapter streaming webinar speaks directly to parents – explaining the current research, protocols and other factors that have impacted our national immunological approaches. Dr. Gordon discusses the personal, medical and public health issues surrounding vaccinations, the on-going debate on vaccine safety and how to assess an appropriate course for your family – empowering parents to make the best possible healthcare decision for their individual child.

One of the most authoritative pediatric practitioners in the country today, Dr. Gordon gives a lively, thought-provoking presentation on the pros and cons of vaccinating newborn babies and children. He provides a balanced “Third Point of View” perspective on the national vaccination schedule and discusses the risks and benefits of each of the pediatric vaccines used today.

Chapters in this program focus on such topics as:

  • The diseases that vaccines protect against
  • A discussion of the Vaccination Schedule for babies and toddlers

  • The importance of breastfeeding, nutrition and lifestyle
  • How the immune system works and natural ways to prevent illness

  • Current vaccination controversies and myths
  • The ongoing debate on autism and vaccine side effects

  • Risk factors and your individual child
  • What issues to discuss with your pediatrician – and much more


Program Length: 1:45:10

Price: $8.99 

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Viewers Comments

“A Must See. Highly Recommended”

“Wow! I was glued to my screen when I watched this fabulous, informative presentation regarding the very sensitive and important issue of vaccinating our children. This is a must see for every parent in the United States.” – C. Godou – Salinas, CA

“As a new grandmother, I wanted to make sure that my daughter had all the information she needed to make the right decision for my grandbaby. I am so glad I found this program when I did.” – B. Boylan – San Francisco, CA